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Cuticle Oil Pen Aloe 0.2 fl oz (5ml)

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  • Volume: 0.2 fl oz (5ml)
  • Pack Size: : 5 x 1 x 1 in (12.7×2.54×2.54cm)

Cuticle oil nourishes, moisturizes, and protects cuticles and nails that lead to undeniably gorgeous nails! Applying cuticle oil can increase circulation around your nails, stimulating healthy nail growth. Cuticle oil is a great way to rehydrate your cuticles after a manicure. The oil will not harm or remove the nail polish. Also, cuticle oil is a great way to revamp an old manicure. Just massage the oil over your cuticles and nails to give them a fresh shine. Our complex blend of oils and natural ingredients has the ability to make your manicure last longer!
A convenient cuticle oil brush pen can make the application of cuticle oil onto your nails super easy without any mess. Unlike messy droppers, our cuticle oil pen allows the accurate and efficient application of the oil to the base of your nails without any waste.


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