MASHAS Large Dust Brush (Pink)

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  • Brand: MASHAS
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Handle material: plastic
  • Brush hair material: man-made fiber hair
  • Color: Pink
  • Total Length: 8 5/8″ (22 cm)
  • Application: can brush off the dust from the work surface when doing a manicure.


  • A new generation of brushes for manicures!
  • Quickly add and shape material on the nail surface.
  • Elastic, yet soft.
  • More wear-resistant than natural brushes.

Reminders before using:

  • All new brushes may have shipping glue residue, mainly in the brush pile, which must be removed before use.
  • Thinner brushes have a smaller amount of glue. To prepare them for use, degreasing the brush with a lint-free cloth and degreaser will suffice.
  • Larger brushes, such as natural brushes for acrylic, may have more glue residue and may need to be beaten against a cloth or ribbed surface to fully remove all residue.
Caring for your brushes:
  • While working and shaping the material, do not press hard on the brush, as this can lead to the deformation of the hair bundle.
  • If one or more hairs deviate slightly from the main hair bundle, you may cut them with scissors or nippers, leaving a millimeter from the base (so that the hair bundle is not deformed).
  • DO NOT leave brushes unwashed.
  • Wash brushes immediately after use. Use a lint-free cloth soaked in degreaser (alcohol) or wash in any Base Coat.
  • Do NOT rub the pile while washing the brush. Round brushes should be cleaned with a scrolling motion and flat brushes with a patting motion to open the pile.
  • DO NOT use acetone or acetone-based formulas to clean natural pile brushes.
  • Be sure to smooth the pile to maintain its original shape.
  • When working with watercolors, rinse the brush in cool water, as hot water may cause the bundle to lose hair.
  • Do not leave the brush in water for long periods of time, as the hair on the brush will become brittle. Make sure that the pile does not come into contact with the bottom of the container, as it may become deformed.
  • When working with watercolors, rinse the brush regularly. Watercolors dry quickly and may cause the brush to become clogged with paint. As a result, the hairs in the bundle stick together and the brush becomes unusable.
  • Brushes do not need to be sanitized.
  • DO NOT hold brushes near a UV lamp and protect them from sunlight.
  • Use the special transparent cap that comes with the brush. It will help keep the pile even and free of creases. If you accidentally lose the cap, you may also use a beverage straw (cut into smaller pieces) in its place.
  • Keep well-dried brushes lying flat in a pencil case.


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