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Mirror Nail Powder Pink

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Pigment for Brilliant Shine Effect
Color: Pink

Ultrafine Salon-Grade Pigments: Ultra-fine milled chrome mirror powders. Made from premium & concentrated salon-grade pigments that create a truly dazzling mirror effect.
Can show different effects on the different based coat, the black based coat can show the best effect.
The mirror effect works best with a no-wipe UV gel topcoat. It can be done with a regular UV topcoat but only if the tacky surface is wiped off with a dry pad, no alcohol.
NOTE: You need to put a bit of pressure on it in order to make sure it’s burnished in really well. Brush off the excess. If the surface sparkles it means you didn’t press hard enough.

1. Clean the surface of your nails
2. Apply black/white UV gel polish and cure with UV/LED lamp until totally dry
3. Apply NO WIPE TOP COAT and cure with UV/LED lamp(Recommended 20-30 seconds), make sure that it’s not totally dry
4. Use the eyeshadow sticks to pick the powder and apply it onto your nails (ONLY A SMALL AMOUNT IS NEEDED)
5. Rub/pat the powder and burnish it onto your nails until you’re satisfied with the effect
6. Wipe off the extra powder on nails and apply a final coat of NO WIPE TOP COAT and cure it until completely dry


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