Who is a manicurist?

A manicurist is a specialist who performs a number of procedures to improve the appearance of nails on the hands and feet. This work includes such procedures as:

  • Removal of old polish
  • Cleaning, cutting, and clipping nails
  • Nail polishing
  • Removal of dead cuticle skin
  • Removal of dead skin from feet and heels
  • Nail extensions
  • Treatment of damaged or infected nails
  • Nail Design
  • Skin hydration for hands and feet
  • Gentle massage of hands and feet

In addition to these skills, an experienced manicurist has knowledge about chemicals and products that are used to maintain proper sanitation in the workplace. They also know how to successfully promote their business through marketing techniques. The successful manicurist will set their own appointments.

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Important qualities that a manicurist should possess:

  • Good communication skills
  • Cleanliness
  • Perseverance

Advantages of this profession

Anyone wishing to become a professional in this industry can count on:

  • Decent earnings.
  • Great demand in the U.S. labor market.
  • A short training period to obtain a license.
  • Low cost of training. For some categories, training is free!
  • Flexible work schedule.
  • Career growth.

Disadvantages and solutions

– A manicurist’s work involves long periods of sitting, which can cause back and posture problems.  The solution is the correct organization of the workplace, breaks for special exercises, regular walks and sports activities.

– Working with chemicals can cause skin allergies. The solution is to wear a mask, use non-latex gloves, and goggles for protection.

– Working with sharp tools increases the risk of injury to yourself or your clients. The solution – regular training and professional development, not working yourself to exhaustion, and the availability of medical/first aid kits.

– Dust from removing old polish can get into your lungs. The solution is to work with protective equipment: mask, goggles, and to use powerful, professional vacuum extractors that can remove dust from the work environment.

Is there a great demand for manicurists in the US?

Manicure and pedicure experts are in demand all over the world, including the USA. This profession is rapidly advancing among others: according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is expected that the jobs of nail service experts will grow by 13% by 2026. This is almost twice the average growth rate of employment in the United States, which is only 7%. This report shows that demand will always exceed supply in the near future.

When I came to the U.S. and started my business as a master manicurist, in a year I served more than 500 clients. Most of them became my regular customers. I schedule appointments for a month or more in advance. And this is despite the fact that a lot of good manicurists work around me. The conclusion is this: the field of manicure is actively growing, so now is the time to jump in!

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