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Teri HEPA Filter for Built-in Dust Collector

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It is applied only for Built-in Dust Collector Teri 600 and Teri Turbo.

  • Origin: Teri (Ukraine).
  • What does HEPA mean? High Efficiency Particulate Air or High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance.
  • Produced from high-quality filter cloth by thermal forming without the use of adhesives.
  • The filter thickness 18 mm.
  • Waterproof HEPA filter can be washed and treated with a disinfecting solution. The filter can only be
    used after it has dried completely.
  • The filter is installed in front of the fan, which eliminates the blowing of dust when the filter is
    clogged, unlike a bag. It also protects the fan and electronics from dust, which makes it extremely durable!
  • Easy to clean and retains 100% of dust.
  • A good alternative to nail dust collectors with bags.
  • After 1 or 2 clients, it is advisable to shake the dust from the filter into a wet sink.
  • The filter should be changed once a month.


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