Magic Bits Diamond Nail Drill Bit, Ball 2.3 mm (Blue-Red)

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Nail Drill Bits – Magic Bits ™ is a new unique diamond bit with natural diamond dusting.

Product detail

  • Brand: Magic Bits™.
  • Material: Stainless steel and natural diamond dusting
  • Grit: Medium-Fine
  • Shank Diameter: 3/32″ (2.35 mm)
  • Head dimensions: diameter 3/32″ (2.3mm)


A new generation of diamond bits.
With proper care and intensive use, the life of the bit is 6 months or more.
Recommended RPM: 25000 – 35000 rpm
Since some people have hypersensitive skin, at high speeds they may feel burning, in which case it is recommended to reduce the rotational speed of the mill.

Recommendation for the care of the bits

1. Brush under running water and soap.
2. Place in Ultrasonic Cleaner with disinfectant solution (5-15 minutes).
3. Rinse under running water to rinse off the disinfectant.
4. Spread out and dry on a clean towel.
5. Place in a Sanitizing Box for heat treatment (220ºC for 60 minutes).
Proper care of your bits prolongs their life and makes them safe to use!

Note: Although we guarantee the exact dimensions of the working part of the bit (+/-1 mm), the design of the bit (location of the stripe and the label) may vary depending on the supplies.


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