Professional Cuticle Scissors STALEKS PRO EXCLUSIVE 21/1 MAGNOLIA

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  • Made in Ukraine
  • Steel grade: 40Х13
  • Cutting length: 13/16 in (21 mm)
  • Tool length: 3 15/16 in (101 mm)


  • clear overview of the cut line due to the design for left-handed users
  • easy access to the cuticle with slim narrow blades
  • classical blade curve
  • clean and precise cut due to professional manual sharpening of cutting edges
  • the polished back face of the blade prevents nail plate injuries
  • medium handle length
  • standard finger holes
  • reduced fatigue due to smooth, seamless stroke
  • flawless finish guarantees pleasant tactile feeling and ensures extra corrosion resistance
  •  AISI 420 stainless steel

This model of scissors is sold complete with a leather case of silver color, decorated with Swarovski crystals “black diamond”


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