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“Electric file manicure” online course

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Let me introduce one of my manicure online Zoom courses – “Electric file manicure”.

Manicures and pedicures are one of the few luxuries some women and men can’t live without.
Do you know how much does a nail technician makes a day? It depends on many factors. But if you work for yourself, then per day you can make from $300 and more. I know those who earn $500 or even more per day. But for this, you need to become a professional and love your job. As a licensed professional nail technician, I will help you achieve your goal of becoming a professional!

In this lesson, I will show and teach you how to do the so-called dry manicure or E-file manicure. Only useful information and practical exercises.
1. The training can be attended by 1 to 2 people
2. The training takes place through Zoom conference.
4. Useful for both beginners and those with experience.
You can see the quality of my work here: Instagram – Masha`s Nails


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