Magic Bits Diamond Cuticle Drill Bit Rocket 016 Fine

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Cuticle Drill Bits – Magic Bits ™ is a new unique diamond bit with natural diamond dusting made in Austria. Perfectly cleans any cuticle, does not tear or pull the skin. Provides a very soft glide both on the nail and on the skin.


  • Brand: Magic Bits™.
  • Origin: Austria.
  • Material: Stainless medical steel and natural diamond dusting.
  • Item Name: Diamond Cuticle Drill Bit “Rocket 016”
  • Abrasiveness: Fine grit.
  • Dimensions: Shank diameter 2.35mm (3/32in) / Length: 45mm (1 49⁄64in) / Head diameter 1.6mm
  • Purpose: Suitable for cleaning deep lateral sinuses, its sharp nose perfectly cleans out those places where the round tip of a fissure bit cannot get close.
  • Benefits: Perfectly cleanses any cuticle, does not tear or pull the skin.
  • Recommended speed: 10-15 thousand revolutions.
  • Service life: Withstands up to 6 months of intensive work.

How to take care of the bits?

1. After use, wash them with soap and a brush.
2. Continue cleaning by placing them in an ultrasonic cleaner filled with disinfectant.
3. Rinse them under running water.
4. Dry on a clean towel.
5. Heat treatment (like any other instrument) using a High-Temperature Sterilizer or Autoclave.


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